Jason Eric Rubin

Jason Eric Rubin - Seattle Singer Songwriter

Thank you for stopping by the Jason Eric Rubin website! I am a singer-songwriter based in the Seattle area. At this site, you can find info and updates about my solo music as well as my other music projects and adventures.

Songs of Queen Anne, Songs of Japan

My album, Songs of Queen Anne, Songs of Japan, was digitally reissued in 2013 with bonus tracks through bandcamp at jasonericrubin.bandcamp.com/. The original pressing was in 2005 and this release can be found on iTunes and Spotify.

Out On Your Motorcycle

The track "Out On Your Motorcycle", an original Christmas song, was initially a b-side but can now be found on a Christmas compilation from Green Monkey Records called Merry Krampus. 100% of proceeds for Merry Krampus goes to MusiCares, so spice up your edgy Xmas catalogue for a great cause! The song can also be found as a bonus track on the Songs of Queen Anne, Songs of Japan reissue.

http://greenmonkeyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/green-monkey-records- presents-merry-krampus

The New Digs, Tripped Isaac, and more Seattle Bands

I have also been associated with other Seattle bands such as songwriting and singing lead vocals for The New Digs; bass playing, songwriting and sharing lead vocals in Tripped Isaac; and bass playing with Eric Branner's band, Osprey Rising. I was able to slip some live wah-wah-infested lead guitar into the band Perfect Weather before they pared their 5-piece down to a well-oiled trio and became No Crown. While I write songs mostly with a guitar in my hands, my first instrument was the electric bass and I had a great time cutting my teeth on it with the bands Steel Blue and Asphalt Jam. I also had a blast performing as part of the Metal Boyz alumni of bass understudies, full costume and all!

Jason Eric Rubin Updates

For the latest on my music, check out the recordings and demos posted on Soundcloud, the blog here, or my facebook page. Bests, to you and yours!